A bit about me

Helloooooo, I’m Gabrielle or better known as Moo, Moobags or Gabsy Mooooo…

 I’ve been taking photos since about the age of 5. I was a bit of a tomboy, into He-Man, Captain America & Thundercats!  I’m a big lover of music, 80’s films, old skool kid’s programs, tattoos, quirkiness, oldie-worldy pubs & I also have a fetish for mugs, hats, scarves & red polka dots!

I’ve recently bagged myself a gorgeous new husband called Matt. He was my first boyfriend at school. We had our little shindig at Leeds Art Gallery.

I talk A LOT! I think I get this from my dad Bazza Ray known as (a little) Del Boy.

My passions  Travelling, travelling, travelling.  What can I say?  I never want to hang up my backpack.  I aim to tell a story of my journey/experiences and photograph those who I meet along the way, some of who will be forever in my heart.

I LOVE taking photos of anything! But of people is my first love. I love meeting new people and building relationships with my couples and families. To be able to visually capture someone’s story and characters in an natural, artistic, creative way not only gives me a buzzing feeling, but sometimes brings tears to my eyes.

My journey as a Photographer  Straight out of school, I was shooting & studying with film and later, digital. During my 5 years of photography study I always opted for fashion or weddings for my subject matter/genre. I LOVE shooting weddings. I am based in Nottinghamshire, shooting weddings & portraits all over the UK & Abroad. Please get in touch for more info!

Heroes  My family & friends are a huge inspiration to me. My parents, broski Matt & sister Rashid have been a huge support & pushed me when I didn’t believe in myself. I now have my own photography business & I’ve never looked back!