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New Website

It’s been quiet on here lately because I have been working very hard on my new website and branding. Very excited to say it is now live and you can check it out here http://gabriellebower.co.uk For all future posts I’ll be using my new site :-)


My Wedding

Copyright @LisaJanePhotography

Excited to share that our wedding has made it onto the awesome @Lovemydressblog :-) Huge thanks to Annabel for sharing it and for the lovely feature.

Here it is our wedding hope you enjoy reading my interview so you can get to know a bit more about me and I hope you love the images…We do :-) AWESOME DAY!

Photography is by the amazing Lisa Jane Photography Make up by Victoria Farr Hair by Rebecca Dickenson of The Vanilla Rooms Head of Decor Rebecca Aspin  Cakes by Thomas the Caterer  Flowers by Leafy Couture  Invites by Sarah Wilkinson




Kelly & Reggie

A few weeks ago I received an email from Kelly’s best friend Fiona asking if I could do a surprise photo shoot of Kelly and her gorgeous little man Reggie..Kelly posted a comment on one of my images just a few weeks ago saying she would love to book me for a shoot when little man arrived so it was a lovely surprise and gift from Fiona.

Fiona told Kelly to make sure she was in at 10.30am, to wash & curl her hair and to look her best..They were the only clues she had so when I rocked up it was lovely to see her, have cuddles with Reggie and capture some very special Mummy & Son moments..I didn’t want to leave! I kept putting my camera away and then getting it back out..I LOVE MY JOB! :-)

I think we can agree Kelly is looking amazing! Meet her  adorable little boy Reggie at just 9 days old…


Last month my best friend Hannah and her lovely husband Harry welcomed their gorgeous little man Reggie Boid to the world. I couldn’t wait to meet him and for cuddles..I got to photograph him that evening in their home with just a wee lamp for light..

Couldn’t be happier for them..Perfect little family..He’s an absolute star!!!

Say helloooooo to gorgeous Reggie at just 5 days old :-)


Julie & Dan

Yesterday Julie & Dan came to my house in the countryside and we headed out to a cool derelict building for their engagement shoot. We had a right laugh and they were all over the deadpan. Next stop was a lovely little pub for an epic feast and to talk all things wedding..

Can’t wait for their big day in a few weeks time…Here’s some images from their shoot…

Changes coming…

New York, new year, new logo, oooo and also a new name coming soon with a brand spanking new website..It’s all change for 2014..

I’ve been working hard alongside the awesome Adam of Grizzly Bear Design..Everything will be up and running soon…

For now here’s my new logo..Hope you like it :-)



New York Wedding

Helloooo 2014 HOLLA!!! It’s been a mad few months and I can’t wait to share with you all what I’ve been up too. For now I’ll leave you with a few sneak peeks from the amazing Wilkinson wedding which I shot in New York on New Years Day..Can’t wait to share the full post with you all. Sarah is saving her frock for her UK shindig next month so here’s a few teasers :-) Happy New Year!!!!!

The Dragicevics

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the colour of the leaves, the crisp air, the light and on top of all of that I was lucky enough to head to Yorkshire Sculpture Park wrapped up in my hat & scarf to photograph the lovely Dragicevic family.

I met Nikki, Aleks & Tash at a wedding and apparently Tash doesn’t usually warm to the camera but she enjoyed mine and was excited to see me again :-) We had a lot of fun and what a great location!

Such a special little girl! I loved it…

Lisa & Thomas

Can’t think of a better way to spend an evening than with one of my brilliant mates and her gorgeous boy..I love these two to bits!!! We headed to the beautiful Clumber Park because it’s one of Lisa & Thomas’s favourite places where they go together and Thomas loves to take his scootay

How adorable is little man and his hair??? Lisa is a bloody stunner too and their love for each other is pretty special. I’m a sucker for Autumn & the gorgeous colours of the leaves…A pretty cool combination for a family photo shoot me thinks!

Take a look …….

Welcome Home

Sooo, I recently attended the amazing Emma Case Photography Welcome Home workshop at Belt Craft studios in London and I can honestly say it’s one of the most inspiring days of my Photography career. I was soooo nervous & excited at the same time before I arrived because I have loved and followed Emma & Pete’s sensational work for sometime and thought to myself am I really good enough to sit in a room with these guys. Will all the other peeps attending know loads more than me.  As soon as I walked in the room I was greeted with a huge hug and the nerves just disappeared and I felt at home.

It was really interesting and amazing to know I am not the only one who sits up until crazy o’clock at my computer editing, eating double deckers to stay awake. Some of the stories that were shared were really funny and all I kept thinking is…That’s what I do or that’s so me. Loads of laughter was had. We all got to photograph the gorgeous Abby & Matt who have been together 7 years and they were awesome. They definitely brought it and I’ll be sharing some of my fav images in a sec.

I can’t recommend Welcome Home enough. Not only did I learn loads, I walked away believing in myself. Emma & Pete were so open and honest and because of them I discovered “my why”. If you haven’t done it yet, Get involved!!!  Belt Craft studio’s is also possibly the best studio I have ever been in. I would happily live there!

I am still buzzing! I went on honeymoon the day after the workshop and the notepad kept coming out with ideas. I met some amazing people who I can now call my new homies. Thanks to Welcome Home I am now even more excited about what the future holds. No more 3am double decker feasts for me..Lovely stuff!

Emma & Pete thank you for such a brilliant day!  It was amazing to finally meet you & I’ll hopefully be seeing you guys soon for a mint tea  :-) x